Who Qualifies For Expedited Naturalization Under Section 319(b)

A person may be able to naturalize without having resided in the United States for 3 years if he/she is married to a US citizen who is stationed abroad for work with an American company, an international or a religious organization with a presence in the U.S.

An applicant for expedited naturalization under Section 319(b) must be the spouse of a US citizen who is regularly stationed abroad (USCIS interpreter it to mean that your spouse is contracted to work abroad for at least a year from the time of your interview), in the employment of:

    • The government of the US (includes military).
    • An American institution of research recognized as such by the Attorney General.
    • An American firm or corporation engaged in whole or in part in the development of foreign trade or commerce, or a subsidiary thereof.
    • A public international organization in which the US participates.
    • Minister or priest of a religious denomination having a bona fide organization in the US.
    • Missionary.

Persons eligible for expeditious naturalization must file their applications in the US from their overseas location.

After your spouse's overseas employment ends, you must intend to take up residence in United States.