Defense From Deportation or Removal in Immigration Court

Immigration lawyer Tsirina Goroshit is providing immigration defense from deportation and/or removal proceedings.

If you or your loved one is in deportation, currently known as removal proceedings before Immigartion Court, you need to have an experienced immigration attorney by your side. Our immigration attorney, Tsirina Goroshit, is an experienced immigration litigation attorney and has helped hundreds of immigrants in removal proceedings and saved from deportation.

How does the deportation process start?

Deportation or Removal proceedings start when the ICE files the charging document, called a Notice to Appear (NTA) with the Immigration Court. Persons who fail to appear for removal proceedings after receiving required notices would be removed in absentia. Consequences of an in absentia removal order is that a person is ineligible for certain forms of relief and Motion to reopen is time and number limited.

The most common forms of relief from deportation removal are:

  1. Voluntary Departure.
  2. Cancellation of removal for permanent residents;
  3. Cancellation of removal for non residents;
  4. VAWA Cancellation of removal;
  5. Asylum, Withholding of removal and UN Convention Against Torture
  6. Adjustment of status;
  7. Stay of removal;
  8. Administrative and Judicial review;
  9. Administrative appeal;
  10. Waivers of inadmissibilty and deportability.
  11. Deferred Action;
  12. Private congressional legislation
  13. Prosecutorial discretion remedy that does not provide lawful immigration status, however if granted provides with administrative closure of the case at immigration court.


Cancellation of removal*

Please Note that there is annual limit of 4,000 "cap" cancellation grants.  After the cap has been reached for a fiscal year, decisions to grant or deny cancellation of removal, to applicant who is statutory eligible, must be reserved until a grant becomes available under a subsequent year cap.

Immigration laws can be extremely complicated. To find the best strategy in defense from removal is extremely important for success of the case. As each case is unique and different, call us for detailed evaluation of your special matter.

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