Clients Reviews

Tsirina Goroshit is a Great Immigration Lawyer!

My wife and I will miss Mrs Tsirina Goroshit, what a great Lawyer! Tsirina represented us in an immigration matter which started back in February. She was very professional and passionate about completing our case assuring us all the way that things was going to be ok. Anytime I called Tsirina about a concerned I had she has always been there very polite assuring me that our case will be approved. And yes folks yesterday our case was APPROVED!!!I thank Tsirina for the great work you've done and will highly recommend her to anyone who needs an outstanding lawyer to contact the Law Offices of Tsirina Goroshit.


Tsirina is a wonderful and top immigration attorney!

Tsirina was wonderful. Detailed oriented and sharp. Was ready for all obstacles. Helped me get my green card although the case was difficult and should have taken much longer with a different lawyer. Would recommend her to anyone who needs immigration help!

Garth A


Thank You God for putting Tsirina Goroshit in my way!

I recommend the attorney Tsirina Goroshit. Reliable, caring of my case. I was in tour through different offices and finally I chose her. I am a very impatient and she calm me during the process that I tought it was going easy but in the middle I found difficulties that she manage in a very professional and compassioned way. Thank You God for put her in my way.


Tsirina brings excellent results!

Tsirina Goroshit was my mom's immigration lawyer, but our entire family felt very comfortable with her. She is knowledgeable, honest and hardworking attorney who really- really loves her job and her clients. She has energy and desire to help people. I can recommend Tsirina to anyone who needs help. She made the whole immigration process easy and enjoyable. Tsirina knows what she is doing and brings excellent results. Many- many thanks for taking such a good care of us.

Alexander B.

Very helpful and compassionate lawyer. Tsirina was able to provide me with detailed advice on the potential risks and options I have regarding my immigration visa matter and for this I am extremely grateful. She was extremely thorough and detailed and provided me with invaluable recommendations. Highly, Highly recommend.


Tsirina Goroshit is an Excellent, Brilliant, Top Immigration Attorney!!!

Tsirina is an absolutely brilliant attorney! She is simply fantastic!At this time I can't find the right words to express my appreciation for her legal knowledge, dedication and attention to details. Tsirina Goroshit is so clever. Really she is!Tsirina Goroshit is a born "Talent Counselor". Her beautiful eyes and patience and ability to listen and understand the problem is beyond human understanding!Tsirina helped me to resolve very complicated matter for my young son. He was under so called "security check"..and for many years, even that he is a son of U.S. Citizen he could not obtain his "green card"...No other attorney could help us and Tsirina did it!!! And she did it fast and efficient under the complicated circumstances. Thank You!


The greatest and unique attorney!

The words cannot express our admiration for Tsirina and everything that she has done for our family. Tsirina Goroshit is a brilliat, greatest immigration attorney and beautiful person.


Attorney Tsirina Goroshit is a professional and client oriented attorney!

Tsirina helped my family during our immigration to US after winning DV2013 lottery. Her consultations and very detailed instructions were extremely valuable and made our first steps in US easy and understood. Our new baby son was born after we won DV2013. Using Tsirina’s recommendations we quickly got Permanent Resident status for him as well. Tsirina is a very responsive person. She returns calls and replies e-mails in quick manner. She always listens carefully to client's problem trying to get full picture and not to miss any details in order to provide constructive solution and helpful advises back to the client. All these factors characterize her as professional who works for client and really helps him. I would strongly recommend Tsirina's services for anyone who needs help in immigration process. You case will be in the good hands!


Attentive and thorough immigration attorney.

Tsirina is an incredibly attentive and thorough attorney. Her knowledge of the immigration law is vast. With a myriad of cases behind her belt she has rich reference experience. Tsirina is able to both comfort and alert her clients while maintaining admirable professionalism.

V.M., NY, NY

The Best Immigration Lawyer and simply a great person!

I was looking for the Best Immigration lawyer and glad that I found Tsirina Goroshit because I can honestly say that Tsirina is the BEST IMMIGRATION LAWYER. My case was really difficult and other lawyers didn’t know where to begin and how to help me. Attorney Tsirina reviewed my case and listened carefully to details of my case, she explained to me the process I was about to go through, she was smart in fight for me, understanding about my problems and accommodated me financially as well. It was not easy process and took sometime but My case was reopened, I had a chance to appear before the Judge and my lawyer Tsirina helped me not only to proof my innocence, because of her hard and clever work my immigration case was approved and most importantly, now, I have my green card and I can concentrate on my family, work without restrictions and travel. I am full of happiness and I say Tsirina Goroshit is the Best Immigration lawyer and a great person!


An honest and determined attorney!

I highly recommend Tsirina to anyone who needs a lawyer you can trust and relay on her experience, proficiency and talent to help people. It was not my first experience with an immigration lawyer. My case was difficult, I am an older person, and felt very frustrated and helpless. I found in Tsirina not only a great professional, but a friend and counselor. Her dedication and commitment to get the best for her client are the keys for the success. You should not miss it if you need a strong and determined attorney, Tsirina Goroshit will be your best choice.

Assia, NJ

Extremely detail oriented and communicative. A lifesaver!

Working with Tsirina was an absolute pleasure. She is a consummate professional and knew her way around the laws and procedures extremely well - way above my expectations. Our green card application went very smoothly with her guiding the ship and I was so pleased that we did not try to do it ourselves. Her fees were reasonable and her scheduling adaptive to our needs. Every step of the process was meticulously detailed by her and everything we did scrutinized. I was never nervous or worried throughout the process because Tsirina made sure everything was perfectly in order. All the i's were dotted and t's were crossed and our process went perfectly smooth. I could not imagined having done the process without her. I would recommend Tsirina to anyone with immigration law needs.

C.B.V., NY

A lawyer with excellent professionalism and dedication!

Considering that Thanksgiving was not long along, I wanted to take the time to thank you for your professionalism and dedication towards my family. This year has been by far one of the best years that our family has ever experienced and that is all thanks to you. Our lives have vastly improved; we went from having nothing simply waiting for our previous lawyer come though, and yet he never did. But then you came around, and you have restored our faith and hope. It is clear that you have a surplus of kindness and care. You came at the right time, and became a wonderful blessing in our lives. It is for you dedication, for your kindness, and for your professionalism that my family has been brought closer together. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family. May the upcoming years be full of health and prosperity. Once again, thank you.

S., NY

Attorney Tsirina Goroshit is Outstanding Lawyer

My case was extremely difficult and a waiver was needed to get an approval. A friend of mine found lawyer Tsirina Goroshit and gave me her number. Attorney Tsirina Goroshit took my case and worked with such care, dedication and professionalism that you can only find in books about unique lawyers.  Extreme hardship waiver was approved and I got my green card.



Finest Immigration Lawyer in NYC

Our case has started as easy and we thought that we can do it on our own, however complication appeared and we started looking for an immigration lawyer. We found lawyer Tsirina Goroshit and from the moment we spoke with her, we became confident that she will help us. We don’t reside in NYC however, we travelled 2 hours to Tsirina Goroshit. Tsirina Goroshit is a lawyer with superb logic, great personality and devotion of bringing great results. After her intervention our case got approved in less than 3 months. Due to her popularity, she has a lot of clients but Tsirina always finds time for us, we could reach her in weekends as well. We will always recommend her simply because Tsirina Goroshit is the finest lawyer you can find in New York City and in the United States.

M. G., New Jersey



Tsirina Goroshit is the Best Immigration lawyer in New York.

My naturalization case was very difficult because there were many religious and social issues intermingled in this. I was accused with “bad moral character” and misrepresentation and I was skeptical when I have decided to go ahead. After discussion and evaluation of my case, my attorney Tsirina Goroshit understood my point of view and started gathering all kind of substantial logical evidences to support my case. She worked hard in order to prove the truth and defend my innocence.  She appealed my case and my case was approved. Now I am a United States citizen. I really thank, lawyer Tsirina Goroshit for her professional assistance in approving my unique case.

 M. Ahmad, Queens, NY



I am so happy I chose this firm. My attorney Tsirina Goroshit is personable, super responsive, and extremely knowledgeable about a broad range of legal topics. It's easy to tell that she cares just as much about my concerns as I do, which is a rarity for sure. Plus her rates are very reasonable. When-ever I had a question or was worried about either of my cases all I had to do was call or e-mail her and she would always put me at ease. She even put my wife at ease a number of times with some questions she had. So, once again THANK YOU so much for your representation in my case. Your firm has made me and my family clients for life. She treated me the same as if I had a big case which makes me highly recommend her to anyone in trusting her with no matter how small or big a case might be; she gives great results.

T. Staten Island, NY



After trying a couple different lawyers (who did not care about anything except getting as much money from you as they could), and, thanks to them, having my case denied, I finally met a wonderful attorney Tsirina Goroshit.
I honestly from the bottom of my heart can say that Tsirina Goroshit is the best attorney and most decent person you can meet. She actually sincerely CARES about an outcome of your case. Our case had many complications created by other lawyers resulting in denial. Tsirina Goroshit not only fixed their mistakes, she actually resubmit our case with much of additional explanations. Her attentive approach and attention to our case resulted in a positive outcome. Only thanks to attorney Tsirina Goroshit my daughter and I finally received our green cards.
Attorney Tsirina Goroshit is very attentive to details, she makes sure that every word and every statement will be supported in your case. Unlike most of other attorneys, Tsirina Goroshit actually will keep you posted on your updates. She is always available for you, which what other attorney is? You will be surprised how much effort Tsirina Goroshit puts in your case and what a great job she does. We are applying for our citizenship now and we are definitely are using Tsirina’s services again. She is very trustworthy. What can be better than when you can trust your attorney and know that she looks after your best interest?
I highly recommend using Tsirina’s services to everyone who wants to see a good result and deal with a professional and decent attorney.
O.L., Brooklyn, NY
What can I say about attorney Tsirina, she is Amazing, she helped me to obtain my freedom and happiness. Her devotion to perfection, her legal fees, her unique way of making you feel special and the most important, puts her way before other lawyers. I am happy and will recommend her to anyone.
A., Brooklyn, NY
Tsirina had helped my case and had accomplished more in less time then any other attorney I had worked with. I felt like I was treated with the upmost respect and she never missed a beat with anything until my case was 100% done - documents in hand. Thank You.
P.S., Valley Stream, NY
My case for naturalization was extremely difficult. To be honest, I did not even think that I was going to get my citizenship. I came across Tsirina's firm by searching for a lawyer through google. I read reviews about her, and what I read was exactly what Tsirina provided, if not more. Tsirina is not just a lawyer, she's "THE" lawyer for you. I will recommend her a thousand time over and over again, because she is simply the best.
Eric M., NY, NY
I don’t know where to begin thanking you for all of your help with our immigration status. I had spent many hours researching and interviewing different attorneys to help with our issues, only to never feel comfortable with their abilities and experience. But once meeting with Tsirina Goroshit, I felt that you were the best choice. You gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my quest for permanent immigration status. Mine was a difficult case, and your expertise and aggressiveness made the difference between what at first seemed an impossible task into a reality. Thank you, Tsirina for doing such a wonderful job! It would be my pleasure to refer anyone needing legal help with immigration issues to you.
You are the best! Thank you!
E.W. New Jersey
I thank God for leading me towards Tsirina Goroshit, because she made my immigration case like i was her family, seriously, and honestly. She was with me on the phone 24/7, step by step helping me how to put my proof together, giving idea, suggestions. Finally, i have ten years green card on my hands.
Tsirina handled my immigration case with great precision and commitment. She is a perfectionist. Always helpful and courteous. She was extremely dedicated, precise and detailed with her work and pays close attention to it's presentation as it is a reflection of her. I would never recommend anyone other than Tsirina for a case of this nature. I have never met anyone more enthusiastic about their job than her. Thanks a lot Tsirina. A review alone cannot express the appreciation I have.
R., NY

Simply The Best

Tsirina is the most professional and knowledgeable lawyer in practice. She prepared us for our marriage based green card petition process and USCIS interview to the finest of details. Her communication and accessibility were most impressive as she would go out of her way to ensure all of our queries were answered promptly and concisely (even while on vacation!). We highly recommend Tsirina for any of your Immigration and Naturalization cases. Thanks to her insightful knowledge of the law and its process, to her commitment to her clients.

Very knowledgeable attorney with great orientation to details! Attorney Goroshit represented my father before USCIS in his US naturalization process. Her office filed all required forms, gathered and submitted all substantial evidence supporting his application; also she effectively represented my father in his naturalization interview. Thanks to her great services my father became an US citizen without pressure and stress.
Tsirina Goroshit is really hardworking lawyer, she always answered to my calls and emails. She would not take a case without a detailed evaluation of each and every piece of evidence. I trusted her and she brought excellent results in my case that was approved in 2 months after a filing. I would also note that she accommodated me with lawyer’s fees and had excellent payment plan. I am thankful and will always recommend her services.
P., Queens, NY
With the help of Tsirina,my immigration process was faster than i expected. We spent a lot of money on this case, but it was worthy!Thank you, Tsirina, for all your help.
D. S.G., NJ


Yes, she is handle impossible cases and win them, I must confess that Tsirina Goroshit is one of the best and hard working attorneys i have come across.

I remember the first day I presented my case to her, with little doubt in myself because my fist interview was denied and my stokes interview did not go well, i was left with nothing but deportation proceedings. But with Tsirina’s experience in handling very complicated immigration cases, she approached my case with all seriousness, and she always have time to meet me one-on-one in her office or over the phone or email me on any update on my case which gave the chance to trust her and understand her style of execution.

Tsirina evaluated my case, supported it with all necessary documents, represented before court and the end result was that my case was approved by Immigration Judge.

I am now a very very happy man and I can concentrate on my life and pursue my dreams.

Thank you very much Tsirina.

I always recommend her services.

Hardworking, smart and knowledgeable attorney who is really caring about her clients, that what I can tell about attorney Tsirina. After Tsirina’s detailed evaluation of my case and submission of my documents it got completed  and approved in 4 months without any complications. Now I am a U.S. citizen. I am thankful for her devotion and dedication to my case.
P.S., NJ
Tsirina Goroshit is a great lawyer. She really works hard for your case. You can call her anytime when you have questions regarding your case which is not very applicable with other lawyers. And her retainer's fee is so affordable. I wouldn't have my green card without her help.
Edward Queens, NY
Dear Attorney Goroshit, thank you so much for you assistance. Due to your hard work and legal knowledge our case went through with no problems. It is truly amazing what a difference it could be with a lawyer like Tsirina Goroshit, we trusted her from beginning to finish and she made perfect job. Thank you again we will always recommend you.

My case was a messed up one. Circumstances of my case were extremely complicated. When I received a denial letter from Immigration, I was ready to give up. So I went on internet and clicked on Immigration lawyers and I prayed and asked God to direct me to somebody who can help me…so name of attorney Tsirina Goroshit appeared and I called her. It was Sunday, I left a message on Tsirina’s voice mail and she called me and told me to come to her office on Monday. I went to her and I tell you this lawyer does not care how long it takes to talk to you about your case and she guides you and give you courage. She returns calls always and is a person who likes her job, she does her best and she is good at what she does. Tsirina GET THINGS DONE.

I really and truly believed in her and she did help me to get my green card. Thanks God and Tsirina I see my family after 4 years. Thank you very, very much.

T.S. Queens, NY

Our first adjustment of status interview did not go well, there were not many questions asked though. Maybe the officer was not convinced that it is a bona fide marriage because I’m Asian and my wife is Hispanic, also there’s a 13 year age gap between me and my wife. We were told to wait for a decision. Two weeks later we got a letter in the mail saying we’re scheduled for a stokes interview.  We really didn’t mind coz we truly are husband & wife.  But then other issues surrounding our case complicated things. This is where Attorney Tsirina Goroshit played a major role.  She didn’t take our case without knowing the details, unlike many other lawyers out there.  Because of her, we had more confidence to tackle our battle. Her affordability, availability, patience, diligence, attention to detail, and over-all knowledge sets her apart from many other lawyers. Trust me, you will never find a lawyer whom you could exchange emails, talk to her when you need advice, any question you want to ask she’s always there, from start to finish!

Thanks to Tsirina!!!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone who might need legal representation.

Edward Christal
Queens, NY
Thank you so much for being a great Lawyer and caring to take my case in just a short time for preparation. Tsirina is an extremely good person and a Lawyer who knows what she’s doing and fights till the end. She helped me to adjust my status in the United States in a matter of 2 weeks the most after I found her. Thank you so much once again, you changed my LIFE for the better!
Sara & Peter, Newark, NJ
Tsirina Goroshit helped me to obtain visa fast and due to her attentive to details work the entire process went smooth with no complications on the way. I am grateful for her hard work and affordable fees, and will recommend her services to everybody.
Slava K.
Our first interview with immigration didn’t go well, they suspected a fraud, so we were scheduled for a stokes interview and had only a few days for a preparation. We started to look for a good lawyer and were happy to find Tsirina’s office. She proved our bona fide marriage, so that we got a decision on our case immediately and green card only a days after an interview. We are so happy with this immigration lawyer and will recommend her to everybody who needs a personal attention, legal knowledge and aggressive representation.
B.K. and C.K, Queens, NY
A Shark with a heart! That's what Tsirina is! A truly tough lawyer who truly knows the law, but also an extraordinarily nice person. I had a very time sensitive case with possibly severe complications; we had a meeting with Tsirina and I called her several times a day including EASTER SUNDAY (!!!). One of those times at 10pm. She stayed on the phone with me for half hour blocks, explained everything and helped me with a level of commitment and seriousness that I thought one would only use for helping family members. Tsirina singlehandedly changed my opinion of the legal profession. Some lawyers are really good people! (or at least one of them is). Oh, and my O visa was approved. Boo ya!".
S. Suno
Extraordinary Ability O visa holder
Tokyo, Japan/ NY, USA
This firm is recommended for time sensitive and complicated cases. This office did a perfect job to correct all mistakes that were done by paralegals. I entered legally, however overstayed my visa and stayed for many years out of status , then  I got married with a U.S. citizen woman, but when I wanted to adjust my status, I found that all my personal identity documents were lost, including my passport, visa, I-94 etc.  As many immigrants, I thought, that I cannot afford a lawyer and thus I asked a paralegal to help me in my case. Months past by with no decision from immigration, finally, I got a decision that immigration wants to deny my case due to improperly submitted documents. I was horrified, I should not have trusted paralegals to prepare my case. Luckily, I found Tsirina Goroshit, through friend’s recommendation; Tsirina evaluated my case and found creative way to prove my case.  Thanks to Tsirina’s extraordinary work, my case was adjudicated exceptionally fast and I am so happy that I got my legal status in the U.S. and can concentrate on my family.
C.P. and B.P., NY
Для того, чтобы начать бизнес в США, мне нужно было в первую очередь получить оффициальное разрешение на въезд в эту страну. Для решения этого вопроса я занялся поисками адвоката в области иммиграции. Достаточно простой поиск через поисковую систему в интернете привел к отличным результатам. Тот проффесионализм, с которым офис Цирины вел мое дело, был насколько слаженым и четким, что, при получении визы, у офицеров даже не возникло никаких дополнительных вопросов. Кроме того, Цирина обладает отличным качеством личного общения и делает больше, чем просто оказание юридических услуг, что не так уж и часто можно встретить в современном мире. Я благодарен Вам за качественную работу и обязательно буду работать с Вами в дальнейшем!
Dmitry M., Moscow, Russia

Thank you so much for the best service you gave us and made everything so easy during the process. We are very satisfied with the results and will use your services in the future. We have never heard about a lawyer like you who work so hard for the clients …and results ARE EXCELLENT!

Thank you again for being our lawyer.

Susan & Nathan

Elmhurst, NY

After 8 years of being illegal, I got married with a man of my dreams, who is a U.S. citizen and who happened to be a solder. Just months after our marriage he was called to an active duty overseas. Understanding that we don’t have much time left, we hired Ms. Goroshit. She worked hard and our applications were filed fast. The most challenging part was that my husband was unavailable for the interview, but with our lawyer I was not alone. She helped me all the way and my application was approved immediately  even without my husband's presence and I got my green card in about 3 months since filings.  Thank so much for all your help.
Doron & Helen, NY
Tsirina Goroshit, You are the best!!! I had waited for 2 and half years for my Naturalization. I almost lost patient and want give up the citizenship. At the worst time of my life, you show up and help me. Under your help, I get my citizenship as short as 45 days.Thank you very much.
Zhong Jie,
New York, NY,
After almost 3 years of waiting for a citizenship approval, I searched for an experienced immigration attorney and found attorney Goroshit. She helped me to get my citizenship approval in one month after I met her. This office can bring a Real Results Fast. Extraordinary services, true results, professionalism.
New York, NY
Tsirina's involvement was invaluable. After being deadlocked for more then 6 years, my case was resolved in merely 2 months since filing petition for Mandamus to adjudicate my green card application. She is highly professional, experienced and resourceful. And, importantly, she is easily reachable by email or phone - quite some contrast to some other attorneys!
Vladimir G., Ph. D.
Managing Director, USD Rates Options Trading
Global Banking & Markets, CT
This Office did a great work! After my marriage to a U.S. Citizen, I could not expect that I would have any complications with my green card, but during my adjustment of status interview I was informed that my case is delayed due to security name check. I was waiting for 2 years and 6 months, inquiring, writing letters, speaking with many attorneys, all to no avail. However, I met Attorney Tsirina , who carefully prepared my case and filed an action with a Federal Court, after 5 months from the moment I entered this office, I had my green card in my hand!!!!!!!!
Irina S.
Attorney, NY

I am a professional baby care giver and really wanted temporally work in U.S., however when I asked various immigration lawyers for their assistance, they could not help me. However a friend of mine recommended me to speak with Attorney Tsirina Goroshit, who helped me to obtain H-2B visa. This attorney was able to think outside the box, she listened and proposed a creative solution base on my needs and qualifications. She always directly communicated with me and smoothed all my concerned.

Highly recommended office for unique cases.

Akko, Larisa K.

I live in Israel and for a long time wanted to visit my friend and family in the United States, however my visitor visa was denied. Fortunately I found about this office and spoke directly with an attorney. I felt that I speak with a friend since she is also speaks Hebrew and because she seemed so caring and took the time to listen to all my concerns. Most importantly, she helped me to get my visitor visa fast and this office fees are affordable. Thank you so much for a chance to visit my friends and relatives.
Nelia S.
Haifa, Israel, Retired